VINTAGE AUBIE.  The Original Aubie Collection celebrates the storied history of Auburn’s award winning mascot.  The original Aubie was drawn by Phil Neel and adorned many of Auburn’s game programs and tickets from 1959 – 1976.  This lively character became a favorite part of game day as fans anticipated what he might be doing to the opposing team that week.  Aubie received his name in 1969 when it appeared on the program for the game against Clemson.   He made special appearances on the game programs in 1987 (commemorating the 40th anniversary of the  renewal of the Alabama game), 1989 (Alabama’s first trip to Auburn) and 1991 (Auburn’s last home game at Legion Field). 

 Aubie officially came to life on February 28, 1979, at the SEC men’s basketball tournament.  Since then, Aubie has won nine national championships and was inducted into the mascot hall of fame.